Our Leadership

Partnering with You

Mark Ko

Executive Director

Mark is responsible for the strategic growth initiatives of Tian San Shipping, ensuring the business development goals of the company are met and are in line with the long-term direction of the company.

He is a National Maritime Safety at Sea Council member and the co-chair of the MPA-Harbour Craft Safety Work Group. He is also a member of Tian San Shipping’s management safety committee and accident investigation committee, driving the adoption of data-driven safety management.

Lee Soo Mok

Manager, Operations

Soo Mok heads Tian San Shipping's Operations Department and is responsible for the performance of over 200 crews and over 50 vessels. He ensures the entire fleet operates to the highest safety standards and that our client's operations needs are always met. Soo Mok is also responsible for the well-being of all employees on-site, in the port, and working on vessels.

With more than 28 years of experience in the marine industry, he has been instrumental in developing a culture of safety and excellence among the crew of Tian San and stringent in maintaining a high standard of services.

Tay Say Hoong

Manager, Engineering

Say Hoong heads Tian San Shipping’s Engineering Department and ensures our vessels are in tip-top condition for servicing our customers.

Linda Ling

Manager, Finance

Linda heads the Finance Department and ensures the company maintains financial stability with productivity and growth as our prime objectives. Her vast experience has been invaluable in overseeing Tian San Shipping’s economic governance. Our robust and healthy financial status has won the trust of our customers as a stable partner.

Karen Pinto

Manager, HR & Admin

Karen has over two decades of experience heading HR and Training Departments on their full spectrum for MNCs, local SMEs, and Public Listed companies. She brings diverse and in-depth knowledge of the principles and policies of Human Resources with a growing emphasis on technology and current HR practices.

She leads our team of HR professionals in its complete coverage of Talent Recruitment & Retention, Training and Development, and Compensation and Benefits. The team is dedicated to achieving an equitable HR system that supports the Core Management Team and its entire fleet.